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April 9th, 2014

Despite the last day of classes being yesterday, it was quite a stressful day, especially towards the end.

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March 28th, 2014

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11 Reasons Why I Don’t Like UBC REC

This post is long overdue, but at last, here it is! 11 reasons why I don’t like UBC REC — you know, the organization that you, and each of the rest of the UBC student population are paying $200 (yes, two hundred dollars) of your student fees to. Every. Single. Year.

This list is in no particular order.

1. They get their dates (and other information) wrong on their website.

For many webpages for their events/schedules, the UBC REC often has misinformation or wrong dates. Taking Day of the Longboat as an example, the UBC REC page had, at some point, THREE different dates for the Day of the Longboat start of races day! And the wrong year as well.

Many other things were confusing on the Day of the Longboat webpage: in one section, it said 8 people needed to attend the mandatory practice clinic — and yet in another, it said only 7 people were needed. Confusion galore.

2. Broken links

Broken links everywhere. Nuff said.

3. Navigating their website can be a slow and painful process.

Sometimes, the layout simply makes no logical sense. Sort of like my blog layout.

4. Drop-in hours for sports are occasionally inaccurate!

I have come into the Rec centre several times looking to play badminton or basketball, commuting all the way from Richmond, just to find out that the gymnasiums upstairs were booked by some external party or by UBC Varsity. Why not update the drop-in schedule on your website so that it actually REFLECTS the real schedule? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

5. Drop-in sports sometimes closes early without notice.

Great, I came all the way here to play for 30 minutes.

6. The wait at the front desk can take up to 15 minutes during peak hours.

Sometimes, there’s no one at the front desk at all. Or even worse, sometimes I see Rec staff casually stroll by behind the front desk, but they don’t help anyone because they’re not on front desk duty. Even though they’re so clearly not doing anything except chilling in the back.

7. The (new) locker system sucks.

Before, you could just bring your own lock to use at the Rec centre. If you didn’t have your own lock, you could borrow one from the front desk. But now? You HAVE to use their lock, which means sometimes, you have to wait 15 minutes for it. Congratulations, things are now 50% less efficient.

8. Drop-in is crowded.

Waaay too crowded.

9. Birdcoop is crowded.

…And there are only two full squat racks. WHY ARE THERE ONLY TWO FULL SQUAT RACKS. And, the sign-up process at the beginning of term takes forever because of the gigantic line. If there was an online registration system, things would be much smoother (if there is one, it hasn’t been advertised at the Birdcoop centre.)

10. Terrible campaigns, like Build the Walls.

I appreciate the frequent e-mail spamming campaign and the accompanying heartfelt messages, such as:“By putting your name to the new walls, you can help inspire future generations of UBC students to come together as a community and do the same.”

But if you think that will persuade me to pay between $100 and $2500 just so I can have my name in tiny font on the new walls that are being built, you are insane. (Their default donation options have a minimum amount of $100). I mean, didn’t you get the $200 from my student fees every year? Yes, you have other crap to pay for, but how much does it cost to build two 12 foot wooden walls that you’re going to be reusing for the next 30+ years?

11. Terrible planning, and terrible coordination.

Back to Day of the Longboat. It was an absolute nightmare changing my practice clinic day. I went in person, so the process would be expedited — sadly, they said it was NOT possible to change it in person, and I had to go home and e-mail them. Great. So I did. And then they didn’t get back to me for a few days. So then I went back to the front desk (my practice clinic was in a few days), and they said they would try to get it sorted out. And then they actually did! But then a while later, the person who I e-mailed a couple days back changed it to some other date/time, and chaos ensued.

Most UBC REC intramural games are announced approximately a week in advance. However, our FIRST playoff game was announced literally the night before. No one was expecting a game, and UBC REC had e-mailed captains saying that games wouldn’t start until the following week. And then suddenly NOPE, THEY START TOMORROW. And no e-mail notifications either, it was only by chance that someone on my team was checking the website the day before, and then saw we had a game the next day. Needless to say, most teams didn’t show up at all, and UBC REC was forced to reschedule the games (and hopefully reflect on their foolishness).

And those are the 11 reasons why I dislike UBC REC.




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March 9th, 2014

Wow, it’s been several weeks since I last blogged…

MICB 421

Overall, it’s going fairly well so far. Our media has a lot of weird white specks floating around in it, which is suspicious, and we threw it out. However, when we made new media, the new media also had the same specks as soon as we had made it T_T so iunno we’ll see if anything grows up lol.

There were a couple days where I had to stay really late in the lab, for example last week my group was supposed to finish doing some prep by 2 pm or so; however when I was done my work at 3 pm, apparently they hadn’t done anything or it had failed T_T so I came in and stayed with them until 9 or so to finish it.

I’m planning to forego the optional midterm on Tuesday, because there are a lot of other things I’d rather take care of. Furthermore, it’s kind of late to start studying (although not impossibly late).


There’s an essay due Wednesday… technically, it’s optional, but I skipped the last one so I should really do this one. We’re talking about egalitarianism, and different interpretations of it such as equality of resources, or equality of welfare, or equality of opportunity of welfare, or equal access to “advantage”. It’s fairly interesting, but the readings are quite difficult for me :(

Post grad plans

I am planning to pursue further education.  One of the two programs I have applied to is the 2 year Bachelor of Computer Science program. If I don’t get into any programs, I’ll probably just start working somewhere, but who knows..


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February 19th, 2014

My final exam schedule consists of the following:

1) Saturday, April 26th at 8:30AM
2) Monday, April 28th at 3:30PM

Given that the last day of classes is April 8th, I wish my exams were a little earlier >_>; like maybe 2 weeks earlier… I wonder what I’ll be doing until my first exam!


We’re finally done reading Rawls. Now we’re moving on to Dworkin and something to do with equality. The prof emailed us over the break saying we should get a head start on readings because there was a lot to do D:

MICB 421

Nothing really new here. I have a feeling I may have failed the safety quiz (we need 80% to pass), but no word yet. There’s a midterm on March 11th, but that’s still a while away… Judging by the first sample midterm posted on Connect, there will be more memorization than I expected.


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Exam schedule for 2013WT2 is out!

Exam schedule

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February 5th, 2014


If you want to be an Orientation Leader or Jump Start Leader for next year, the application deadline is today, February 6th! I don’t know if they’re still accepting submissions, but probably!

EDIT: They will be accepting applications until 11:59PM at least.

A lot of people have asked me whether I’m applying, even though I’M GRADUATING (I can’t apply).

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January 22nd, 2014

MICB 421

We got back our individually written project proposals this week.  I am curious to know what the average was, but I managed to get 22.5/25 which I am quite happy with, considering I knowingly included a grand total of zero references despite them being required.  However, I lost a certain bet -_-

Unfortunately, it seems that we can’t use my proposal as is because some people did the exact same experiment sometime ago…

We are having some difficulties choosing a suitable proposal — particularly, choosing one that is will result in novel contributions and not something that has already been done.

This week in class, we learned about WHMIS and we are going to have a quiz next week which is mandatory to pass (passing = 80%+).  Dr. Ramey also talked about centrifugation and good lab practice because apparently there are people who can’t take tape labels off their glassware before they put them in the ‘to autoclave’ bin.

We also finally threw away the scintillation fluid in our vials, which took less time than I thought because I was pouring them three at once into the waste container.  A few hours later I came back and there was scintillation fluid everywhere in the fume hood that some other team(s) had spilled >.>;

On top of thinking about project proposals, we are supposed to have our Project 1 done by Monday.  Fortunately, doing the data analysis didn’t take long at all, and I don’t have to do any Intro/Materials/Methods (my lab partners are taking care of that)!  I will have to look at the Discussion and Conclusion though.



Yesterday in class, we finished up talking about utilitarianism, and now we are talking about Rawls’ Theory of Justice.  Unfortunately, it isn’t very interesting yet and I find Rawls difficult to read.

We also finally got our essay topic (but only after class), which is about the equal consideration argument for utilitarianism.  There are five essays in this course and I only need to do three of them.  This first one will be due Friday at noon.

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January 11th – Student Leadership Conference

Peer Programs/UBC Orientations positions

The application for Peer Programs and UBC Orientations is now open!  (e.g. Science Peer Academic Coaches/MUG Leader they’re now called Orientation Leaders etc.)

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