Posted by: idm04 | 2016/09/05

Sept 5, 2016: Selling BIOL/CPSC textbooks and update


Discrete Mathematics with Applications 4/E by Epp
Like new condition

Introduction to Genetic Analysis 10/E by Griffiths
Very good condition

Janeway’s immunobiology 7/E
Very good condition

The Philadelphia Chromosome by Wapner
Very good condition


I was supposed to go on a co-op placement this summer, but I ended up leaving co-op and went on an internship instead.

It was my first dev internship and I learned a lot of things, it was a lot of fun too. The first month or so was pretty tough as I was getting used to the technologies and software development in general, but I slowly became more comfortable with my responsibilities. Most of my work was back-end development, involving Visual C# and SQL Server Management Studio.

During the second half of the summer I also tried working on a personal project (web app), but it’s going really slowly… currently I’m working on the front end, which I have no idea how to do. I’m using the Play Framework and it’s been frustrating because either the documentation/tutorials are obscure/deprecated, or I’m not doing things right lol.

Back to school next week, for hopefully the last September ever. I’m finally taking CPSC 310, which I am not looking forward to. Other than that, taking CPSC 340, CPSC 430, and JAPN 100 this term. I should have enrolled in CPSC 322 but I didn’t realize there was a section that wasn’t at 9 am. I’m looking at joining the badminton club and the table tennis club, although I’m currently injured (as usual).



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