Posted by: idm04 | 2016/01/10

January 10th, 2016

Happy New Year!

I just finished my co-op term at a software company in downtown. Am definitely missing it there already… the people were great and a lot of ping pong was played ;)

Back to school now, which I feel somewhat miserable about. For the first few days of school, I was feeling extremely tired during all my classes, and I wasn’t sure why. On Thursday, I decided to take the bus to school instead of riding my bike (it’s only a 10 min bike ride for me) and all of a sudden I wasn’t that tired in class anymore… I guess my body wasn’t yet used to going back to cycling after months of not cycling.

This term, I will be taking CPSC 313 (hardware and operating systems), 320 (algorithms), 317 (internet), 314 (graphics), and 425 (computer vision). In addition, I am continuing a volunteer role from last year and have to apply for co-op jobs again       :(

Oh, and I’m selling textbooks for BIOL 234, CPSC 121, and MEDG 421:

Discrete Mathematics with Applications 4/E by Epp
Excellent condition

Introduction to Genetic Analysis 10/E by Griffiths (with solutions manual)
Very good condition

The Philadelphia Chromosome by Wapner
Very good condition




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