Technically I have third year standing though, so when people ask what year I’m in, I say third XD

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Posted by: idm04 | 2014/10/28

October 28th, 2014

I know I said I would stop posting, but I guess I’ll be here a little longer…


This term, I am taking CPSC 110, CPSC 121, SCIE 300, and MATH 307 in the second-degree UBC Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) program.

Overall, classes are going alright. I kind of wish we weren’t using Dr. Racket in CPSC 110, but I can’t say whether jumping into a ‘real’ language now would be good further down the road. CPSC 110 is also a lot of work. I am not finding CPSC 121 too interesting, because of my previous overlapping coursework (MATH 220: Mathematical Proofs, and PHIL 220A: Symbolic Logic). I probably should have asked if I could skip CPSC 121, but I think the answer would still be no. MATH 307 is pretty fun, but challenging.

I genuinely wish I didn’t have to take SCIE 300, which is a lot of work. If you’re in the BCS program, I personally highly recommend against taking SCIE 300 for the Communication requirement. Unless you have an interest in learning about scientific journalism and don’t mind a lot of work. I’ll post syllabus information after the course is over, but it’s basically way too much work for what you get out of the course.

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Posted by: idm04 | 2014/09/07

September 7th, 2014 – Back to school

Hello there!

It’s been quite a long time since my last post…

First of all, there’s a new UBC blog I’ve been asked to promote – Micro Inquiry – written by a third year UBC Microbiology & Immunology student! :D

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m probably not going to update this blog very often anymore since I’m graduated. Furthermore, a lot of my posts are becoming quite outdated, so I’m considering slowly taking them down. If there are older password protected posts you want access to, just drop me a line. Aaaand if you want to follow other UBC blogs check my blogroll in the sidebar.

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Posted by: idm04 | 2014/05/12

Fifth-year courses in UBC Sciences!

Courses listed here were taken between September 2013 and April 2014. The more I think about it, the sillier my naming system for these posts seems…

Other posts of potential interest:

First-year Courses in UBC Sciences!
Second-year Courses in UBC Sciences!
Third-year Courses in UBC Sciences!
Fourth-year Courses in UBC Sciences!

List of all courses I’ve taken

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Posted by: idm04 | 2014/05/04

Involvement & Extracurriculars

My posts are generally quite heavy on academics, so I thought I should talk about my non-academic UBC activities to let other students know what kinds of opportunities are out there. For each position I’ve held I try to mention things I liked/disliked, and what I would’ve done differently.

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Posted by: idm04 | 2014/03/28

March 28th, 2014

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March 9th, 2014

Wow, it’s been several weeks since I last blogged…

MICB 421

Overall, it’s going fairly well so far. Our media has a lot of weird white specks floating around in it, which is suspicious, and we threw it out. However, when we made new media, the new media also had the same specks as soon as we had made it T_T so iunno we’ll see if anything grows up lol.

There were a couple days where I had to stay really late in the lab, for example last week my group was supposed to finish doing some prep by 2 pm or so; however when I was done my work at 3 pm, apparently they hadn’t done anything or it had failed T_T so I came in and stayed with them until 9 or so to finish it.

I’m planning to forego the optional midterm on Tuesday, because there are a lot of other things I’d rather take care of. Furthermore, it’s kind of late to start studying (although not impossibly late).


There’s an essay due Wednesday… technically, it’s optional, but I skipped the last one so I should really do this one. We’re talking about egalitarianism, and different interpretations of it such as equality of resources, or equality of welfare, or equality of opportunity of welfare, or equal access to “advantage”. It’s fairly interesting, but the readings are quite difficult for me :(

Post grad plans

I am planning to pursue further education.  One of the two programs I have applied to is the 2 year Bachelor of Computer Science program. If I don’t get into any programs, I’ll probably just start working somewhere, but who knows..


Posted by: idm04 | 2014/02/19

February 19th, 2014

My final exam schedule consists of the following:

1) Saturday, April 26th at 8:30AM
2) Monday, April 28th at 3:30PM

Given that the last day of classes is April 8th, I wish my exams were a little earlier >_>; like maybe 2 weeks earlier… I wonder what I’ll be doing until my first exam!


We’re finally done reading Rawls. Now we’re moving on to Dworkin and something to do with equality. The prof emailed us over the break saying we should get a head start on readings because there was a lot to do D:

MICB 421

Nothing really new here. I have a feeling I may have failed the safety quiz (we need 80% to pass), but no word yet. There’s a midterm on March 11th, but that’s still a while away… Judging by the first sample midterm posted on Connect, there will be more memorization than I expected.


Posted by: idm04 | 2014/01/13

January 11th – Student Leadership Conference

Peer Programs/UBC Orientations positions

The application for Peer Programs and UBC Orientations is now open!  (e.g. Science Peer Academic Coaches/MUG Leader they’re now called Orientation Leaders etc.)

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