Posted by: idm04 | 2017/07/25

July 2017 Update

Yeah, it’s one of those “it’s been a long time” posts.

I technically haven’t graduated from UBC yet, but I’m done with classes and intend to graduate this November.

Hopefully that still makes me eligible to sign up for Tandem UBC so I can practice my Japanese…

At my last term at UBC, I took JAPN 101, ECON 102 (Gateman), and CPSC 404. I was also a TA for CPSC 310. I really should get around to writing reviews for these courses, but I’ve clearly been putting it off. If you need reviews for one of these send me an e-mail and I’ll prioritize that course.

In other news, I recently went to Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, which was a lot of fun. I knew my Japanese was bad, but only when I went to Japan alone for the first time did I truly become disillusioned as to how terrible it really was! I’m interested in posting my trip pictures on another blog. Technically, I’ve already posted them in a private blog, but I’m thinking of having a public-facing version as well. After my travels, I started working full time at a software company in the downtown area.

Speaking of other blogs, I started a new blog called I used to post a lot of food pictures on this blog, and my followers were quite split as to whether they enjoyed or hated them. Well, if you didn’t hate them, you can now explore my snobby food adventures on my relatively new food blog. You can sign up for e-mail subscriptions as well at the bottom.

Aside from work and blogs, I’ve been sporadically watching anime, playing badminton, and starting to get back into table tennis (because my office has table tennis). If you want to join me for a food adventure sometime or badminton or ping pong, hit me up :)





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