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March 16th, 2015

One thing I wish I did before entering the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) program was to take CPSC 110. I could have taken it in the summer, or I could have taken it during the last year of my first degree. The reason is that 110 is required for 210, and 210 is required for both 221 and 213. Therefore, I had to take 110 (and 121) in first term, 210 in second term, and now I have to wait until the summer to take 221/213! If I already had credit for 110 by September, I would be able to take 210 (and 121) immediately followed by one or both of 221 and 213 in second term. One of the major advantages to getting 221 & 213 done before the summer is that those in the co-op program will be applying for jobs in May. However, the ‘normal’ slower pace may be preferable to some BCS students who are getting used to the program.

An update of my term so far:

CPSC 110

TAing is going fine. Being a TA has made me realize how much I’ve forgotten since I took this course…

CPSC 210

There were a lot of people complaining about how incredibly long the midterm was — would you like some cheese with your whine? :P Anyway, I did think that the midterm was really long, and I only sort of finished and had absolutely no time to check over anything. However, I don’t think it was really unfair, but it did make me realize how unprepared I was, even though I thought I spent a lot of time preparing. The average ended up being 57%, standard deviation of 17%. I suspect there will be scaling of some sort later on… (edit: there was)

We just finished Phase One of the project (it was due Sunday night), and boy was it tougher than I imagined. Looking at Webcat (the online grader), a considerable amount of people did not get to submit the project, which seems really weird. I was silly enough to wait until the week was over before I really started diving into the project, and as a result I wasn’t able to get much help from the TAs by means of office hours/lab hours. And my Friday lab was really packed, with people waiting as long as 10 minutes for help.

Anyway, I knew I couldn’t keep leaving it until later in case I ran into some sort of roadblock. So I stayed up on Friday night working on the project, and ended up completing enough to get 20/30 on Webcat. I ended up sleeping at 6 AM, and then I woke up at 9:30 AM because I had regretfully booked a physio appointment at 10. After I got back home, I continued working on the project and finished! IT FELT AMAZING

Then I observed the chaos that was on Piazza with lots of people freaking out about how Webcat was only giving them 0/30 and how they couldn’t find out where their code bugs were and time was running out. Again, the whining was present. I did feel bad for a lot of these people, and I tried to post a few hints. One particularly sad post read: “Webcat wouldn’t take my last submission…”

MEDG 421

Midterm average was much lower than the instructors expected — average was 68% and median was 69%. Highest mark was 84%. The marking was…. interesting.

STAT 302

Average was 59%, median was 62%. It was longer than I expected, even though I did do the practice midterms. Turns out I should actually review integration by parts and by substitution… . .







  1. No details on MEDG? lololol

    • Maybe later… in my course summary post

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