Posted by: idm04 | 2014/04/02

April 2nd, 2014 (the last post before my last exam season)


MICB 421

Woot we’re done in the lab! No lab work left to do in my undergrad! Now all there is left to do is the report write up. We plan to have a draft done by Saturday night, and the actual thing is due Tuesday night.


We finished talking about Marxism (that was quick) and for the last 2 classes, we’ll cover communitarianism. Turns out I might not do a final paper, because we have the choice of either doing the final paper and eliminating one of the short papers; or not doing the final paper and rewriting one of the short papers. The latter option just sounds like I could just change a little here and there with one of my short papers and simply resubmit it…

I only have 2 more days of classes left in my undergrad… the feels…! (the amazing feels)


Today marked the last session with my Tandem partner :( she will be going back to Japan later this month because she’s actually an exchange student from Ritsumeikan University (it’s in Kyoto). Maybe I’ll actually try to learn Japanese with all this spare time this summer… or maybe programming…

Peer Programs Banquet

Went to the banquet as part of SPAC yesterday, which was alright. I think the speeches and certificate-giving was much shorter this year, which was good. There was also plenty of time to eat and get more food (there was an abundance of food yay), although it was meh food. I feel a bit sad that I’ll never meet with SPAC again :( and tomorrow will be my last Coaches’ Corner shift, but I won’t really miss that (because people don’t generally visit)

Tax Assistance Clinic for Students

Woot finished my last volunteer shift with TACS last week. Wish I’d joined them last year, because it was quite fun actually.






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