Posted by: idm04 | 2014/03/28

March 28th, 2014

Can’t believe the term is almost over. The very last term of my (first) undergrad.





We just finished talking about libertarianism. I don’t think anyone’s a libertarian here, including the prof and Kymlicka (the guy we’re reading). Now we’re moving onto Marxism, which I haven’t really read yet because I’m behind on my readings, but it seems like the readings will be more difficult…

Also, I handed in my essay about 30 minutes ago, just several minutes before the deadline :P didn’t have enough time to do much revision, oh well!

MICB 421

Thankfully, we probably don’t have to make new competent cells, because that would be just dreadful. I don’t even know how we ran out of 30 vials of competent cells. And I never understood why we bothered to look at competent cells that don’t get any plasmid, that was a severe waste of our resources -_- we’ll be in the lab tomorrow, doing more transformations and plating. I hope all goes well. If it does, it’ll be our last day in the lab. Then time to start writing things.




orz, I just started playing 2048 because I mentioned it to a friend and he didn’t know what it was so I Google searched it to give him the link and then I started playing -_- sigh. But I lost at 3220, so now I’ll stop lol.

Work Learn

Apparently, work learn jobs were posted a while ago… check them out!

Storm the wall

Our team raced on Sunday, and we had a time of 24ish minutes, which at first I was like yeah that’s alright but I realize that’s kind of meh and we did not advance :( I saw there was a team in the Just for fun category with a time of 13 minutes… I don’t understand.

Remember how UBC REC said if you donate, your name will be on the wall? Well they didn’t specify, but apparently they meant the side of the wall (where no one climbs), not the actual climbing part. Wonderful. I wonder why they didn’t specify…!






  1. You should continue to play 2048 because it is the most awesomest game ever

    • No thanks >_> I waste my time plenty enough

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