Posted by: idm04 | 2014/02/19

February 19th, 2014

My final exam schedule consists of the following:

1) Saturday, April 26th at 8:30AM
2) Monday, April 28th at 3:30PM

Given that the last day of classes is April 8th, I wish my exams were a little earlier >_>; like maybe 2 weeks earlier… I wonder what I’ll be doing until my first exam!


We’re finally done reading Rawls. Now we’re moving on to Dworkin and something to do with equality. The prof emailed us over the break saying we should get a head start on readings because there was a lot to do D:

MICB 421

Nothing really new here. I have a feeling I may have failed the safety quiz (we need 80% to pass), but no word yet. There’s a midterm on March 11th, but that’s still a while away… Judging by the first sample midterm posted on Connect, there will be more memorization than I expected.




  1. Not gonna talk about the team proposal? LOL.

    I look forward to winning the next bet.
    If you are up for making another one, which you’ll definitely lose again hahah

    P.S. My fav was the fritter I think… I really can’t remember anymore…

    • Lol what are we gonna bet on this time?


        Uh idk you decide since you lost the first bet

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