Posted by: idm04 | 2013/12/28

December 26-28th, 2013


Ended last week.  The last week ended up being more stressful than usual, as we decided to make some high priority libraries.  I also ended up staying until midnight one of the days making a completely different library for someone else.

So it turns out that the libraries that failed last week were not due to the reagent, because we were able to make libraries from the same reagents from another DNA sample.  However, it still could be (and I think it is) the adapter, because the adapter has an overhang on it.  Even though it’s protected from enzymatic degradation, the fact that it’s freeze-thawed several times could degrade it in non-enzymatic ways… and for the new libraries that didn’t fail for once, new adapter was used.

We also ruled out that it had anything to do with the robot… because we made a library from scratch, completely using the robot, from ChIP samples, and it worked.

The last day, it had snowed overnight and the buses were really slow.  Nonetheless, I was the first to arrive at work, as per usual.  Later on, I ended up helping someone with cell lysis, and configured strip tubes on the robot so that they could be used for master mix.  I would have done this long ago, except the strip tubes only arrived on the morning of my last day.  This means, unfortunately, that I won’t be able to test them with real master mix.  Also someone threw away my test master mix that I have been saving up over the past few months >.>; the tube was clearly labeled too… the ‘test master mix’ was the ‘leftover’ master mix pooled from all the library constructions done over the past while in case I needed to test the robot pipetting.

I also updated all of the SOPs for the robot, sent them to everyone, and did a final backup of the software.  And updated my lab book for the very last time.



MICB 405

Despite getting 70% on the midterm, I ended up with a 81% as my final grade, with which I am quite satisfied.







  1. Were the sales like “decent” though? They always say Boxing Day sales in every store, but the sales are not that great for the last few years I have tried.

    • Lol forgot to reply to you. Some sales weren’t that great at all, but the Tommy Hilfiger sales were pretty significant (legit >50% off) and a few other places too. Unfortunately by the time I was there, most of the things weren’t in size, so it’s possible they just decreased the prices b/c of that.

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