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December 10th, 2013

Pharmacy news last time

..was corrected — the omission of the PCAT and PHYS 101 as prereqs for admission to UBC Pharmacy (BSc) will be for the cycle for entry in 2015W, not 2014W — see my previous post, which has now been updated

Co-op & my Winter break plans

My labmate and I tried to make a library from genomic DNA last week, and it failed.  Probably one of the enzymatic reactions went wrong.  Either that or a bead clean up gone wrong.  Anyway, we will try again this week.




MICB 405 final was today.  I didn’t see anything I didn’t expect, and in fact the first question was one I predicted yesterday, something about weight matrix calculations for protein sequences I don’t even remember anymore.  The exam actually wasn’t completely memorization based, which was kind of nice, but memorization was still necessary..

Anyway, next term I’ll be taking MICB 421.  I’ve heard plenty of things (mostly complaints) from whoever took 447 this year or 421 last year.  Good thing I know my group well!

I am not sure what else I will take — PHIL 330 was brought to my attention (social and political philosophy).  I am also interested in taking JAPN 100 but that is full right now :( currently, in addition to 421, I’m registered in MICB 406, MICB 425 and IHHS 200.  Once upon a time, I did consider MICB 418 because the topics seemed of interest, but I heard it was pure memorization AKA no. edit: I’ve heard differently now






  1. I find your blog really helpful! I think I’ve read all of your posts and I’ll be taking IHHS 200, I heard its a pretty good course and you’ll learn a lot from it.
    Also, I have a question regarding MICB 325, is the course kinda similar to BIOL 234 (334)? I like learning genetics, but 234 was kinda bad (the format of the course). I guess it varies from one person to another.

    Thank you very much!

    • Thanks for reading the blog. I don’t find MICB 325 similar to BIOL 234, not in terms of material nor lecture format.

      In terms of material, BIOL 234 is about eukaryotic inheritance and all the exam questions revolve around all the fun stuff that happens during meiosis like crossovers/non-disjunction, whereas MICB 325 is strictly haploid prokaryotes and focuses more about operons, regulation of gene expression, and techniques to find novel genes or elucidate pathways (e.g. introduce mutations, cloning).

      The only similarity in course material would be that we covered crossovers a little bit — specifically crossovers that happen between plasmids and the chromosome. This was a very minor part of MICB 325.

      In terms of course format, there were no real sections in 325, it was just lecture topic after lecture topic. There was one midterm, one final.

      In terms of lecture format, most of the class consisted of clicker questions and some discussion of said questions — very unlike traditional lectures. For this reason I really enjoyed 325 because there was little memorization and it was all about deduction/critical thinking.

      Please see my other post for more details. Hope this helped.

  2. Thank you very much for that info!

    Now, I’m hoping to get into MICB 325!

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