Posted by: idm04 | 2013/11/14

UBC’s Annual Report on Enrolment (2012W)

UBC’s Annual Report on Enrolment in 2012 came out recently, revealing some potentially interesting facts!

  • Enrolment is up to 49,241 students for the Vancouver campus, a 2% increase from last year.
  • Over the next few years, there will be fewer domestic students admitted to UBC because the number of domestic students at UBC has increased beyond what the government can fund.
  • International students represent 17% of the student population at the Vancouver campus.  Over the last year, international enrolment in direct entry degree programs increased by 14%.  It is expected that new intakes for international undergraduate students will increase by 10% per year over the next three years.
  • The mean admission average of a first year student on the Vancouver campus was 89.7%, which is the same as in the previous cycle.  This year marks the first that broad based admissions was used, and about 12% of first years would not have been admitted if not for these broad based admissions.
  • The Faculty of Science has the highest admission average out of all Faculties at 92.3%.  The lowest was Forestry at 83.1%.
  • Approximately one third of the Vancouver campus student population self-identify as ‘White’, and approximately one third self-identify as ‘Chinese’.  Note: Only 42% of students filled in the ethno-racial survey.





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