Posted by: idm04 | 2013/11/13

November 13th, 2013

SPAC has another event.  It’s called Deal with December Now.  It’s a final exam prep workshop mainly for science students.


I am not completely up to date with my lab notebook… so many things to write!  But I will be soon.  There’s someone in my lab who is a few months behind in their lab notebook.  And someone at my previous workplace was a few years behind lol.

Successfully made libraries from sub-picogram amounts of genomic DNA.  The negative control had some contamination, but the profile (ie. DNA fragment size distribution) looked consistent amongst the actual samples, and consistently different in the negative control, so that’s good… plus most of the stuff that was in the negative control post-PCR was just some sort adapter-adapter thing.

The next step will be to do some DNA sequencing!  We’ll only be sequencing one of the ~6 pg DNA samples though, because there’s not much point going lower than that (a human somatic cell has ~6 pg of DNA).  Maybe we’ll do single cell sequencing next, who knows — it won’t be my call.  I’m going to make libraries yet again starting later this week! Because another lab wants us to make libraries for them.




MICB 405

The project is coming along, sort of.  We have a direction and sorta know what we’re doing, we just need to actually do it and properly.  We haven’t met much as a group because of conflicting schedules.

Dr. Hallam has been giving us plenty of time to work on little assignments during class, which I like the concept of, but I haven’t been able to enjoy them because my netbook is crap and lags all the time (unfortunately a computer is needed to do the assignment), and I have no desk space to have both my laptop and the assignment sheet to write on T_T

I don’t think slides have been posted for the last week or so, therefore I can’t review anything either (or pre-read).

Zomg I got 70% on the midterm :( seems like they wanted a lot of precision, and also there were some questions that I simply did completely wrong on lol.  In terms of precision, there was a question where I got some marks off for not saying “contig” even though I said “contiguous sequence”.  I talked to the TA about some of the questions, and she recommended that I get my exam remarked so maybe I’ll consider it… not sure if I will though because marks are not extremely important to me anymore.  I feel that most of my “wrong” questions were right, but that they simply didn’t match the answer key.









  1. I’m in the same boat with lab notebooking, I’ve been behind since Mid-October…… orz
    When’s your last day?

    • I should probably ask lol, but I presume I’ll be working through the end of December (until the 30th). Wbu?

      • No idea, but I’ll probably get at least 1 week off before school starts (hopefully more xd)

  2. I’m planning to spend the last 2 weeks of my coop term catching up on lab notebooks…………….

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