Posted by: idm04 | 2013/11/05

November 5th, 2013

Does anyone want to join me at VanBUG next Thursday Nov 14 @ 6 pm at BC Cancer Agency (VGH area)?  Ryan Morin will be talking about “Towards improved methods for identifying relevant mutations in cancer genomics data”.  There will be food!  And networking!


MICB 405 is going alright.  Dr. Foster talked about proteomics last time, most of which went over my head because it was pretty much a crash course.  Specifically, I think we spent most of it talking about mass spec.

The next few lectures are about metagenomics and will be given by Dr. Hallam.

Our project is going alright… well, we haven’t really started, but we have some direction sort of… basically genes in B. pertussis –> BLAST against B. hinzii & trematum.  Hopefully there are homologs otherwise I dunno what to say.


Stayed at the lab until 2 AM yesterday doing PCR followed by a bead clean up.  The PCR was somewhat tedious because I had to remove material after every cycle so I pretty much had to stand in front of the PCR machine during the entire PCR.  Now we have libraries yay!  Unfortunately, it seems there may have been contamination!  I’ll probably have to repeat the experiment.  I wish we had a biological safety cabinet.


This article is hilarious




  1. wtf? you never been to the eatery until recently??

    • Yes, got a problem?? Come at me bro

  2. 2AM?! LOL that must’ve sucked.

    Why a motorcycle license? (Darn, another reminder for me to get my L ahhhhhh)

    Hahahahah should’ve joined FoodSoc and gotten priority access to the food crawl… where you could’ve tried The Eatery for cheaper 8)

    • Argh I have to repeat the experiment. Hopefully I can do less samples this time. Motorcycles are cool!!

      • Yeah especially in the rain LOL 8)

        • SHUSH >:c. I thought I replied to this but apparently I didn’t..! Btw, are you coming to MISA mentorship this week

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