Posted by: idm04 | 2013/10/19

Oct 19th, 2013

MICB 405

Is going alright.. there was a midterm on Tuesday, and it wasn’t too hard.  There were some questions where I just had no idea though. Apparently, the question about which aligner used de Bruijn was a give away question, but I was very uncertain. Fortunately I guessed Velvet correctly!

There was a question about describing library construction and that question was awesome because I knew the answer too well…


New beads for bead clean up (DNA purification) were made recently.  However, I’m surprised the beads we make aren’t contaminated because we use glassware and other stuff that to my knowledge isn’t exactly “DNA-free”.

Moreover, people are handling the microcentrifuge tubes without gloves before they go into the autoclave.. because they think autoclaving gets rid of DNA.  However, it does not.

Anyway, we’re about to begin library construction on Monday on some important samples that cost a lot of moneys.  We were supposed to start on Friday but other ppl in the lab weren’t ready.

Omg colours!  Too bad I don't have green colour dye otherwise it'd be CHRISTMAS up in here

Omg colours! Too bad I don’t have green colour dye otherwise it’d be CHRISTMAS up in here






  1. I remember the term “de Bruijn”… my friend was trying to study for the MICB 405 midterm on the Friday before the MT, but my friends and I ended up distracting her, so she was stuck on (one of the) “de Bruijn” slide(s) the whole time LOLL

    Your co-op seems more interesting than mine right now -____-

    That sucks to have your house broken into ._. Fortunately your house wasn’t totally ransacked. My house doesn’t have a security system… woot

    I thought the form for the mentorship thing covered both mentor and mentee registration, i.e. they’re recruiting both at the same time? o.O Have fun getting attacked by with dodgeballs if you’re playing LOL

    • Really.. I don’t find my work interesting right now -_-

      Yeah I guess so, although it was ransacked last time ): that was at another house, which didn’t have an alarm system

      Are you joining the mentorship program? I’m pretty sure there will be injuries, hopefully not me

      • Ahaha maybe I think so, since my current work isn’t yielding any usable data (yet?) which is becoming a concern to me .-.

        I am currently thinking about joining……… but as a mentee LOL

        • As a mentee… -_- whyyy

          • LOLOL to help with my transition back into UBC classes :P?

            I was thinking of being a mentor at first, but realized I can’t really help MICB students with courses seeing as I’ve never taken them. Thats probably where most people want help anyway… unless I’m wrong LOL?

            In conclusion I’m still deciding :D

            • I guess it could be useful to be a mentee if you’re still deciding what courses to take..

              A lot of the students are first years, I’m sure you could give course-specific advice. My mentee was/is more interested in co-op/research/careers than courses

              • Oh really, lots of first years? HMM………. I mightttt be a mentor if that’s the case… /totallynotaploytorecruitppltobiotech

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