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August 22nd, 2013

UBC Careers

Boatloads of jobs are being posted to the CareersOnline website.. and when I say boatloads I mean literally hundreds of jobs, most of them part time on campus for students it seems.  One of them that stuck out to me was a robotics technician lab job at the Hallam lab.  Lulz I think I would be qualified.  There weren’t any qualifications needed though other than being in Science because I guess they would teach you everything.


I helped someone else in the lab yesterday with their chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) protocol, particularly the mononuclease digestion part.

There are many versions of ChIP, but basically you get some genomic DNA (e.g. from hematopoietic stem cells) and you digest the DNA using an enzyme called a mononuclease.  Since mammalian DNA often presents itself as chromatin, the only DNA that will be digested is euchromatin (I am probably generalizing a bit here) which is the DNA that is unwound (“beads on a string”).

The mononuclease will digest the DNA, and the product will be a mixture of DNA fragments.  It depends on the digestion time, but you’ll get a lot of fragments that are approximately 140 bp in size, and that’s the DNA that is wound around the histone proteins in each nucleosome.  You might also get smaller fragments which is the linker DNA (but possibly other crap), and the chromatin stuff I guess that didn’t degrade.

The fragments that are very small, as well as large chromosomal fragments can easily be removed through DNA purification/selection methods.  Here comes the immunoprecipitation part, where you add antibodies that are specific to certain histone tails (tails are linear polypeptides that are attached to the histone proteins) and you can then purify those from the other histones/nucleosomes and sequence that DNA.  The purpose I suppose is to find what loci in the genome that are targeted by histone tail modification enzymes/processes.  Histone tail modification is an important process because it affects the gene expression at that locus.

Of course, there are other applications to ChIP.



In addition to experiments stuff, I’m also trying to see if I can calibrate the robot to pipet accurately… accurately as defined as close to what I can pipet manually (a somewhat problematic definition).  I’m currently trying to do it by weight of water.



Ah Syrup Trap, always lulzworthy:





  1. Library Construction is expensive. Don’t do it without their permission…

    On calibrating the pipetting, you know there’s people you can pay to do that for you, ya?

    I warned you about the WIND reception XD

    WIND doesn’t charge the hidden fees.

    The veggie spring rolls were good. If I ever went back, I’d probably only get those XD

    I liked the lemon tart better than the tiramisu.

    • If you mean the Bravo pipetting, well yeah but y’know paying people and stuff XD it’s not my decision to make, perhaps same could be said of library construction lolol. Anyhow, they have the SOP online for how to calibrate the Bravo and it’s fairly straightforward I just don’t feel like it

  2. LOL was I follower #50? I didn’t realize you pinned the HS-to-Yr1 post at the top, so I ended up missing several posts… .____.

    We talked about ChIP in genetics @ BCIT, but I don’t remember much about it ahaha

    Laser eye surgery sounds scary x_x But it’s supa awesome that you get to see well without glasses anymore /notjealousatall

    My friend bought a fish (I think?) sandwich from the food truck. It was EXPENSIVE (around $8 or something) and the portion was meh IMO… I think he said it tasted okay…

    lol @ spare change lady

    • Nope you are #51 :P I suppose that’s why you decided to become a follower bwahaha

      Hmmmm maybe I will try the food truck next week since I’m so close to it

  3. Just curious, how are you tracking followers?

    I think they changed MICB 306 textbook for the upcoming term ( I can’t find any used copies and can’t decide if I should buy new :(

    • They did indeed, I’ve never seen this book before. A couple years back MICB 306 did use a commercial textbook, but it was by Wagner et al. I have no idea how Horwitz will use this one, but I can say the commercial textbook and the integrated notes package notebook thingy were barely used and completely unnecessary… I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be the same with this one

      WordPress tracks my followers for me. Each time someone enters their e-mail at the side to receive e-mail updates, WordPress will e-mail both that person and myself to notify of a new follower. I know there are people who read my blog without officially following though, including those who use RSS feeds instead.

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