Posted by: idm04 | 2013/06/14

June 9th, 2013


I’m in the middle of writing my 4th year courses in Sciences post.  It will probably be done within two weeks.  I also plan to start writing a post about transition from HS to university.  Hopefully a draft will be published within two weeks, and refined by the time September rolls around…


Waiting for a company to give us training for their software so we can finally use the machine.  Well, we’ve kind of been using it already.  For a DNA quantification assay, but the assay itself is a bit problematic.  I can generate a standard curve using phage DNA standards, but running an amplicon alongside the standard curve doesn’t give me the correct DNA conc.  Apparently diluting standard in buffer instead of water doesn’t change anything either, but hopefully I will run the amplicon both diluted in water and buffer and see if that changes the reading.  And then I’ll also read other samples too.  And test my standards in another assay to see if they’re actually right or not.

I also highly dislike bench coats (the absorbent material).  If sample gets spilled randomly then it will get absorbed into it and maybe I will not see it so it will contaminate my samples later when I do another experiment.  Also they’re highly uncomfortable and my small tubes don’t balance very well on the uneven surface.

edit: Okay I just read the user guide again for the DNA quantification assay.  Apparently NaCl and MgCl2 decrease signal intensity to some extent.  But the amplicon is in water.  Although “water” is ambiguous.  I guess I’ll ask on Monday.  Also, wow who does octuplicates for DNA quant.  Apparently invitrogen.  I hope we have some DNA filter centrifuge thingies.  Microcons or whatever they’re called these days.




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