Posted by: idm04 | 2013/05/31

May 31st, 2013- Scitable


Today, I came across Scitable, which is a “learning space for Science” by Nature.  It’s basically a library of articles on the topics of common concepts taught in university-level classes, but sometimes a bit more.  For example, in the Genetics section, they have sections on Gene Inheritance and Transmission; Gene Expression and Regulation; Nucleic Acid Structure and Function; Chromosomes and Cytogenetics; Evolutionary Genetics; Population and Quantitative Genetics; Genomics; Genes and Disease; and Genetics and Society.

They don’t really go into gory detail or anything, and I find the language used easy to read.  I think this will help introduce me to concepts that my university degree has essentially failed to teach me (so far), such as bioinformatics, genomics, molecular biology and epigenetics (or genetics in general).  Even though they don’t go into a lot of detail, I think reading them will allow me to more easily read more detailed articles like actual papers, which they cite so I could just read some of those if I want to learn more.




  1. Interesting… I switched over to Gmail back when they were invitation only. I like that Gmail has better security (I even forced my mom to set up two-factor authentication) and of course the cleaner interface, etc.

    All your food pics make me sad…

    • Lul sorry ._. good idea, I should set that up too

  2. Thanks for sharing about SciTable. Didn’t know Nature had a section like that.

    Omg. Just spent an hour reading up on the Jeff Chen drama -.-;;

    What is with you and getting to rooftops? XD

    PS: You die without insulin. It’s called Type I Diabetes -.-;; But nice try. Please try again later.

    • I don’t need insulin until I run out of my fat XD

  3. Ah! The post was deleted by Jeff Chen… I wanted to read that :(

    • I’ll update the post with it

      • Thanks- hahahaha, what a troll!

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