Posted by: idm04 | 2013/04/01

March 31st, 2013

Much of my long weekend was spent writing up a lab report, which is still unfinished, for MICB 323.  I do not like writing lab reports because they are not the best use of my time and effort — they don’t teach me much, and I often get marks taken off for silly things, like for omitting a small, hardly relevant detail in my introduction, or using a dotted line instead of a solid line, or for writing too much in the Materials and Methods section even though there was no given word limit, etc.

Transferring my data from my lab notebook to my computer into fancy tables and graphs that no one will really read is truly a task from which I learn little, because I, like most people, already know how to use basic functions in the likes of Excel and Word.



BIOC 302

So many things to memorize :( although not as much as when Baker/Krisinger taught the course.  I memorized the structures for cytosine and guanine and now I’ve pretty much completely forgot them.  Sigh what to do…

MICB 325

I’m kind of lost in this course actually.  I’m going to try to read my notes for once tomorrow!  It also doesn’t help that the topic notes are posted after they’ve been covered in class for many of them, which makes it kind of difficult to follow along.  We’re learning about supressor mutations or something… extragenic suppressor mutations..

MICB 308

There are a lot of things to memorize in this course.  The only real thing I’ll take away from this course is that there are a lot of badass molecular biology techniques for identifying virulence factors that I didn’t know about and that are pretty damn cool and ingenious.  Otherwise, this course is full of memorizing things that I will not remember a year from now (just like most courses!) like for example, what all the 20 or however many Pap proteins do in pilus formation in whatever bacterium.

CPSC 301

We looked at computer simulations of population health.  In particular, we looked at zombies :D it was kind of interesting.  Fortunately, I passed the lab exam even though I spent all of 10 minutes looking at the files beforehand.  I know some people said it was basically memorizing the code, but I think that’s only if you’re not good at coding and weren’t paying attention in previous labs… if you did, you didn’t really have to memorize anything at all in preparation for the lab exam.  What is also fortunate is that even though I didn’t study patterns at all, I didn’t get that file either… I probably would have failed, from what other people have said about it.



I wish I went into computer science (or did a Combined Major in CS and Microbio)… it seems like jobs in that field pay better and also there are more job opportunities.  Also, I find programming kind of fun sometimes, although I realize that’s only a small part of what computer science actually is.






  1. Maybe there’s something draining your battery? No lights, etc. are left on in your car when you leave it, right?

    Finish your lab report yet?!

    I don’t know if I’d recommend everyone do a combined major, but I would recommend everyone take more CPSC courses (at least 4).

    Holy crap; that’s a lot of pictures.

    Yep. BC Sushi. I’m still sashimi’d out…

    …you’re drinking baby formula?

    Is that your cat? And I like how your dog pictures are annotated so briefly XD

    Woah, you’re gonna ironman STW next year? Good luck!

    Mixed chocolate and strawberry milkshake at McDonald’s was the inspiration for the chocolate strawberry milk tea choice… …the milkshake was probably better… Sorry!

    • Yeah I’m pretty sure there’s nothing left on T_T

      We have to go back to BC Sushi one day.

      It’s my friend’s cat

      Yeah, I have a feeling I’ll pussyfoot out of ironman STW around this time next year, but I hope I’ll train over the summer (running, swimming, biking, plyometrics, agility, lifting) and then we’ll see

      No worries, I wasn’t exactly expecting something necessarily to my regular taste when I gave you the liberty to choose :p

      • I’m up for going back to BC Sushi XD I actually haven’t had sushi in forever. Maybe even since that tuna fest…

  2. It’s never too late to enter CS and you can always self-learn because there are lots of resources on the internet. There’s also the 2 year BCS degree if you like being a student lol

    I’m a combined MICB+CS major and while I don’t regret it, I don’t know if I want to pursue a degree in bioinformatics because it seems to involve a lot of math/stat/algorithms, none of which I’m really good at…

    Is that parfait good? I had a parfait at Chicco’s but I was kinda traumatized by the sweetness (esp the macaron) :(

    Your dog is very cute ^^

    • Yeah, I plan to self-learn… or so I tell myself :<

      Well, at least you have more options! Or at least that's how I see things.

      The parfait wasn't that great it was basically just ice cream.. There weren't any macarons in it but I don't really like macarons because like you say they're too sweet..

  3. KYOOOOOOOO :D om nom nom. mmmm pho lan. I always go there for pho, yummy spring rolls if they’re fresh :D

    • Oh you like Kyo? XD Yeahhh pho lan is awesome

      • More like love kyo. Meat so gooood.

        • I like their special rolls… I’m so hungry just thinking about it

  4. That black dog looks like a butt face. Late reply, lol lol lol. You are a great photographer. You really are.

    • Thank you for your subtle sarcasm

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