Posted by: idm04 | 2010/08/14


Leechblock is an interesting tool.  It is a free Firefox Add-on that acts as an extension, and it allows you to set time limits for the user to browse certain websites that “waste time” so that you can be more productive.  I forgot how I came across it but I’m glad I did.  It helps me stay on task most of the time because it prevents me from going to certain websites like YouTube or Facebook when I’m supposed to be studying or doing homework.

The extension has settings like which websites to block, what times to block them, and how long the user can use the sites before they are blocked.


-You could use another browser like Internet Explorer.
-You could disable or uninstall the extension and just start wasting time.
-You might start to be rely on it…
-If there’s an “emergency” and you need to use the site but can’t.


Edit: There are other tools like Stayfocusd as well


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