Posted by: idm04 | 2010/07/18


Dropbox is a useful tool.  I started using it halfway through second term of 2009W.  It’s been pretty helpful so far.  Currently, I have it synchronized on both my desktop and my ASUS netbook which I will be using for school.

Basically, Dropbox is a program in which you can put files into a folder and it will synchronize (when possible) between computers that you have Dropbox installed on.  For example, if I add a file to the Dropbox folder on my desktop, the next time I turn on my netbook, it will download the file from the Dropbox server and then it will be synchronized.  This saves you the time of e-mailing stuff to yourself or using a USB to transfer files.

I save all my homework and notes and whatever in Dropbox, and I have folders within the Dropbox folder for each course.  The event that made me get Dropbox was when I printed out an assignment back in first year but then I realized on the bus that I forgot to bring it.  It was pretty nerve wracking because it was a pretty big assignment for Biol 140 and they’re strict about late assignments and penalties.  So when I arrived at school I had to call my mom and luckily she was home and then I explained to her how to find the file on my computer and email it to me so I could print it out at the library. Success!

Later that day after I arrived home from school I downloaded Dropbox and installed it.  Even if you don’t have Dropbox installed on a school computer (e.g. at the library), you can still access your files online at by entering your login info and then you’ll have access to the server on which your files are located.

Dropbox also acts as a backup in case your files (or computer) go missing, because you can retrieve them from the Dropbox website.

Sadly, there is a limit to the total file size on the server – it is initially 2 GB.  However, if you invite people and they install Dropbox and use it you’ll get 250 MB each time (up until you get 8 GB).

Here’s mine :)


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