Posted by: idm04 | 2010/07/14

My Second Year Schedule (2010W)

2010W - Term 1

2010W – Term 1

2010W - Term 2

2010W – Term 2

Course List:

Term 1
Chem 233
Math 223
Biol 200
Math 220
Atsc 201 Dropped
Phil 220A

Term 2
Chem 205
Micb 201
Biol 201
Math 317 Dropped, replaced with MUSC 103 online
Eosc 112
Chem 235

I chose my courses based on the UBC Calendar’s entry for Microbiology & Immunology.  Promotion requirements and Lower-level requirements on the UBC Calendar are also important to look at.  I made about 5 different worklists on the SSC to move my courses around and see which schedule is most desirable.  Additionally, it would be easier to choose a backup schedule if I had multiple different worklists, if for some reason (e.g. the section I want becomes full) I cannot register my first worklist of choice.

So since I am in MBIM, my electives are clearly Math 223, Math 220, Math 317, Atsc 201, Phil 220 and Eosc 112.

For anyone interested, EOSC 112 had an average of 71.61% last year (2009W) and the top 33% of the class got an A- or higher (that’s quite good).  EOSC 114 and 116 have similar values in these two categories although for EOSC 114 and 116, the percentage of the class that gets an A+ is lower.

PHIL 220 had an average of 77.14% and ATSC 201 had an average of 81.36%.

Last year, my schedule was MWF 10 am to 1 pm and Tues/Th 9:30-12:30 and 2-5 pm labs on pseudo-random days.  This year, I’ll try doing everything on 3 days and see how that works out.  I’ve been warned of messy sleeping schedules, but I will try nonetheless.



  1. Hi! I’m also in MBIM and I was wondering if you know whether I need Physics 101 by the end of second year because I didn’t take it in my first year… I was actually hoping to just defer it again to a later year :)

    • Hi, I only know that you can defer PHYS 101 to second-year but I have no idea whether it can be deferred past that. Sadly, I can only refer you to the MBIM Advisor ( Is there a particular reason you want to defer it again? Anyway, sorry for the lack of information :( tell me/us if you find out the answer please~

  2. hey thanks for replying! And ya I was just hoping I didn’t have to take it ahaha but I’m pretty sure I have to :)

  3. Why did you drop ATSC 201?

    • I was already taking 5 courses (CHEM 233, MATH 220, MATH 223, PHIL 220A, BIOL 200) and I didn’t need a 6th course, so I decided to drop it.

      Furthermore, although the class average was high in previous years, I felt that it went in too much detail to appeal to me and I didn’t feel like spending that much effort in an elective course…

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